For all services performed in our clinic we give warranty, and the condition of keeping it are regular visits (every 6 months) or according to the schedule set by the individual physician and comply with all recommendations related to the use of dental restorations.

Fill light

  • 2-year warranty; in the case of dead teeth or no more than 50% of tooth tissue – 6 months

Removable dentures

  • 1 year warranty; in the case of non-stuffed remaining missing teeth – 6 months

Restorations fixed (porcelain)

  • 2-year warranty; in the case of coexistence of other non-stuffed missing teeth by the patient – 1 year
  • 6 months in the case of bruxism or abnormal occlusion that may cause overload


  • temporary work (crowns, bridges, temporary, immediate dentures)
  • work on which the patient was informed of the limited warranty, or lack thereof, and which were made at the explicit request of the patient
  • if within three months of filling the cavity of the tooth, it turns out that it is necessary to carry out root canal treatment, the filling is performed under warranty, and the patient bears the cost of root canal treatment


  • insufficient oral hygiene
  • failure to comply with the doctor’s instructions regarding handling of restorations
  • failure to comply with the recommended follow-up visits
  • Accident / mechanical injuries
  • natural bone loss and periodontal changes
  • existing condition having an adverse effect on the chewing (eg. diabetes, osteoporosis, epilepsy, post treatment of chemo- and radiotherapy)
  • adjustments made outside our office (the patient loses the right to the warranty)
  • fractures of tooth crowns between visits to the teeth in treatment
  • make up only a part of the missing teeth causing congestion zone supplemented prosthetically
  • own making repairs restorations outside our office