Dentist Monika Brociek
Dentist Jagoda Haczur
Dentist Anna Jelittko
Jacek Knyszewski orthodontist
Jacek Knyszewski orthodontist In 1988 he graduated from the Medical University of Gdansk on the faculty of dentistry. In 1988 he started working as an assistant on dental microbiology in Medical University of Gdansk. In 1990 he went to Portugal, and there in the 1991-1992 year did the legalization of his Polish diploma. In the…
Dentist Tomasz Jaszczak
Dentist Tomasz Jaszczak Graduate of the Medical University of Gdansk. In the interest of patients he is constantly improving his skills . He completed numerous courses , including a course in implantology , which was held during the four-year dental practice he completed in Warsaw. In our clinic he deals with prosthetics , surgery ,…
Dentist Monika Samulak – Nafalska
Dentist Monika Samulak - Nafalska .
Manager Ewa Łąska
Owner Ewa Łąska .